It is the moment you all have been waiting for! IRONALER 2018!


This year should be a very fun competition! We have a couple of new ideas that we are working on for the main event, but before then…how do you make it to the main event?


We are once again doing a qualification round BUT this time YOU choose the BJCP category!


What you need to do:
– Pick a beer style from the BJCP 2015 styleguide
– Submit 2 bottles (500ml and under is preferred)
– Include with the bottles (use this form):
   – Your team name
   – Your team members (4 maximum – must have at least one MontreAlers member)
   – Membership #s
   – The style category # (+ specialty ingredient, if applicable)


Deadline: Friday, August 17 


How/Where to submit:
a) An officer will be at each monthly meeting to accept submissions
b) Drop-off at Kahnawake Brewing


The teams who will advance to the main event will be announced by September 15, 2018.


More infos on the main event coming up soon!