1. Membership

a) Eligibility. Membership is open to home brewers and individuals who support home brewing as long as they comply with the laws of their jurisdiction regarding making and drinking alcoholic beverages at home.
b) Types of membership and membership dues

i) Full member. Annual fees will apply as determined by the officers of the club.
ii) Honorary member. Honorary membership may be granted to any person who has contributed to the club in a significant way. Honorary membership will be granted by a 4/5 majority of the officers.
iii) Termination of membership. Membership is terminated by resignation or non-payment of fees. Membership may also be terminated by a 4/5 vote of the officers of the club.


2. Officers, elections, terms and duties, transfer of goods

a) The five (5) officers of the club shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at large.
b) The officers of the club will be elected by a simple majority at the annual general meeting.
c) Whenever a new club president is elected, the outgoing President shall fill the position of Past President. If for some reason the outgoing President is unable to fill that role, another former President may be appointed at the officers’ discretion. The Past President shall act in an advisory capacity to the current club officers but shall not have a vote at officers’ meetings.
d) The term of an officer of the club will be two years. The President, Treasurer, and Member at Large shall be elected in even-numbered years; the Vice-President and Secretary shall be elected in odd-numbered years.
e) Duties of officers:

i) The President shall preside and enforce the constitution and by-laws of the club at any official meeting, decide questions of order, cast the deciding vote and sign official documents.
ii) The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in their absence.
iii) The Secretary shall facilitate internal and external communications of the club. The secretary shall keep a record of membership, provide a summary of the proceedings of meetings and process membership applications.
iv) The Treasurer shall receive and pay all monies paid to and from the club, keep an accurate account of all monies received and paid and declare all receipts and payments to the officers of the club. Payments must be co-signed by two of the three signing officers; in the case of a reimbursement to one of the signing officers, the payment shall be co-signed by the other two signing officers.
v) The member at large shall bring to the attention of the officers of the club any issues raised by members.

e) At the end of their term, officers of the club will hand over all items relating to the club to their successor.
f) Officers may resign after giving a one month’s notice. The remaining officers will nominate someone in their stead for the remainder of the term.

3. Meetings

a) Meetings will be held in accordance with either the Code Morin or Robert’s Rules of Order as decided by the chairman.
b) An annual general meeting will be held each year on the first Saturday of the month of May.
c) An informal monthly meeting should be held during the second week of every month at an ad-hoc location.
d) A meeting of the officers will be held every two months.
e) The minutes of every meeting should be made available to all members.
f) Each year two meetings of the officers will be open to all members.
g) Other meetings may be held as deemed appropriate by the club officers.

4. Committees

The committees of the club shall be decided upon by the officers of the club and may include but are not limited to: monthly meetings, communications, group orders and events.

5. Amendments

The by-laws of the club may be amended either:
a) at the annual general meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members in good standing, or
b) via the Internet by a 2/3 majority vote of members in good standing.