How are the MontreAlers organized? Since the beginning, the Alers have been a loose affiliation of people who shared a passion for the hobby. As the group grew too large […]

Become a Member

What is the cost of membership? The fee to join the MontreAlers is currently set at $25 per year. What does membership get me? Membership puts you in support of an […]

Mailing List

How do I join the mailing list? Follow this link to sign up. Once you are signed up, please introduce yourself to the list by telling everyone a bit about […]

Monthly Tasting Meetings

When do you hold meetings? Monthly tasting meetings are generally held during the second week of every month. There are also other meetings scattered about the year such as large […]

Past Events

Brewer of the Year 2015 Brewer of the Year 2018 Homebrew Conference IronAler 2016 IronAler 2017 IronAler 2018 M.A.L.T 2012 M.A.L.T 2013 M.A.L.T 2014 M.A.L.T 2015 May Madness 2011