The Winners of IRONALER 2016!

Beer Team
1st Place: drHOP dHEAD Raccoon Darryl Boone (Darryl Shelton)
2nd Place: Ton ale sous les tropiques Bob Magnale (Mattias Gruvman, Christian Roberge)
3rd Place: Malpr’hop Dajubo (Julien Godin-Viau, David Dube, Beausoleil Samson, Renaud D’andre)
People’s Choice: drHOP dHEAD Raccoon Darryl Boone (Darryl Shelton)
Best Team Name: From Mild to Black Again Reinbeers (Trevor Livingstone, Lianne Finnie)
Best Beer Name: Junk-Punch to Your Man-Business O.A.K (Olivier Fournier, Andrew Stevens, Keegan Link)

The Results

# Team Beer Judges Public Total
1 Petite Mutants Gordian Nott 42.43 5.6 48.03
2 Bob Magnale Ton ale sous les tropiques 49.14 32 81.14
3 Beauty and the Beard Brewing Hibernebriation 48.5 6.4 54.9
4 Les Péteux d’broue Oasis du Nord 44 28 72
5 Dajubo Malpr’hop 47.58 32.8 80.38
6 Darryl Boone drHOP dHEAD raccoon 49.21 35.2 84.41
7 Angry Loner Angry Loners Personality Enhancing Health Tonic 45.83 1.6 47.43
8 Team Pedro Pedrophile — 46.8 15.2 62
9 4 Brewers 1 Keg Hop Tart – Not a Black IPA or a Saison 48.5 9.6 58.1
10 Les Buveurs Désignés / Designated DrinkersASSRYP (American Secret Session RYe Porter) ASSRYP (American Secret Session RYe Porter) 48.42 10.4 58.82
11 Brasseurs de campagne Rye of the Tiger porter 42.67 3.2 45.87
12 Les brasseurs masqués Lucha Libre 45.75 20.8 66.55
13 Reinbeers From Mild to Black Again 43.58 20 63.58
14 O.A.K (The Brewing Chronicles of Olivier, Andrew, and Keegan) Junk-Punch to your Man-Business 47.83 12 59.83
15 The Brothers Grimmer A Very Fairy T’Ale 47.17 22.4 69.57
16 Les Brasseurs Brouette Sour Seas 48.83 8 56.83
17 AB Brew Waca Season 43 7.2 50.2
19 La Bouilloire Flatulente The epic story of a shark who got lost in the arctic and befriended a seal that brought him back to his home but then he got hungry and ate it. 43.6 6.4 50
20 Morrbush L’Amère Orange 45.42 5.6 51.02
21 Cross-Mountain Brewing Cessons Ces Onagres! – Sour Session Saison 39 0.8 39.8
23 Brasserie de l’Île-Bizard Jeanne-Cécile 43.5 5.6 49.1
24 Blackeye Brewing Unplugged 50 10.4 60.4

This year, the club officers have decided to try something new this year and hold an “Iron Brewer” type event.
We’re calling it the IronAler Competition!

This fun and creative competition format has become very popular in recent years. If you’re not familiar with it, each contestant or team is supplied with a box of the same ingredients and given a fixed amount of time to brew 5 gallons of any style of beer they like – using those ingredients and those only!

It all culminates in an awards night, when the brewers present and promote their beer, and then everyone (official judges and the general public) votes on their favourite. The winners are awarded some great prizes.

The contest is limited to 25 contestants/teams. Single contestants must be card-carrying members of the club; teams (of up to four people) must include at least one club member.
The entry fee is only $25 per contestant/team. For this modest fee, you get:

  • Two kinds of base malt
  • Three kinds of specialty grain
  • Four varieties of hops
  • Three varieties of yeast
  • One IronAlers tasting glass

The ingredient box will be supplied no later than Sunday, October 9th and MUST BE picked up by a representative of the team.

The tasting/awards night will be on Friday, November 25 at La Cenne (7755 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) at 7 p.m.

Contestants/teams must register here to participate no later than Friday, October 7, 2016. Contest details and rules can be found below.

For more information, contact us!

In the box…

Click the name of the ingredient for more information

Base Malts Sponsor Quantity
CMC Canadian 2-Row Malt Atelier Bière et Vin 1 bag of 3kg
Maltbroue Pale Malt Moût International 1 bag of 3kg
Specialty Grains Sponsor Quantity
Briess 20L Beer Grains 1 bag of 1kg
Weyermann Chocolat Rye Moût International 1 bag of 1kg
Maltbroue Caramel Wheat Moût International
1 bag of 1kg
Hops Sponsor Quantity
El Dorado Beer Grains 1 bag of 4oz
Caliente Nanohoublons 1 bag of 4oz
Mosaic Everwood Ave Brew Shop
1 bag of 4oz
Wakatu Brewtek
4 bags of 1oz
Yeasts Sponsor Quantity
Fermentis S-04 Brewtek
1 packet
Lallemand Nottingham Atelier Bière et Vin 1 packet
Lallemand Belle Saison Lallemand 2 packets


1. The contest is open to individual contestants and teams of up to four people.

2. All individual contestants must be members-in-good-standing of the MontreAlers Homebrewing Club (hereafter known as “MontreAlers”) as of November 25, 2016. All teams must include one member-in-good-standing of the MontreAlers as of November 25, 2016.

3. All contest participants must be 18 years or older as of November 25, 2016.

4. Only homebrewed beer is allowed. No wines, gruits, ciders, or meads are allowed. No commercial beer or beer brewed at a commercial brewery is allowed.

5. The beer may contain all or only some of the ingredients provided in the supplied box, but the all ingredients in the beer must come from the box (aside from water, obviously). Acids (excluding acid malt) and salts may be used to adjust your water profile. Yeast nutrients may not be used.

6. Participants may only start brewing upon reception of the ingredients box on Sunday, October 9, 2016 (unless otherwise mentioned by the club Officers). The finished beer must be ready to serve on November 25, 2016.

7. Participants are responsible for serving their own beer, either in bottles or on draft, at the appropriate temperature at the competition/awards event. Sharing jockey boxes with multiple taps is permitted as long as each beer is clearly identified. Dextrose, corn sugar, table sugar, carbonation drops are permitted for bottling – if in doubt contact us.

8. Brewers will have a maximum of 2 minutes to present their beer and brewing process at the event. A screen, projector, and laptop will be provided for this purpose. Any other computer equipment and connectors are the responsibility of the participant.

9. Fermentation and conditioning MUST be in stainless steel, plastic, or glass. No wood/barrel aging is permitted.