Christopher Needelman Memorial IronAler 2019

It is with great pleasure that I announce the participating teams to the Christopher Needelman Memorial IronAler 2019. That’s right, we have decided to rename IronAler to honor the memory of our late President Christopher Needelman. We felt it fitting since he was passionate about this competition.


This fun and creative competition format has become very popular in recent years. If you’re not familiar with it, each contestant or team is supplied with a box of the same ingredients and given a fixed amount of time to brew 20 litres of any style of beer they like – using those ingredients and those only!

It all culminates in an awards night, when the brewers present and promote their beer, and then everyone (official judges and the general public) votes on their favorite. The winners are awarded some great prizes from our generous sponsors!


  • Cavagnal
  • Mont Royal Brewing
  • 4 Brewers 1 Keg
  • Ol’ Bag O’ Nuts
  • Brasserie Bois m’en un Verre
  • Team Hazy
  • Dangela
  • Southern Brewers
  • La broue dans le toupette
  • Les 4 éléments
  • Du Canal
  • Brett & Friends
  • Saint-Colomban
  • AA
  • St. Daze Grand Crufused
  • The Mad Miller
  • Underdogs Brewers
  • Notre Dame de Brasse
  • Falconer’s Pub du Fauconnier
  • Brasseur des Hauteurs
  • Last Brewhouse on the Left
  • AB Brew
  • Smash the hops
  • B-Toon
  • It’s Hop to You


Without great sponsors this competition would not exist. We would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity! This year we have the biggest mystery box yet!


6-Row (CMC)1.5 kg
Maris Otter (Crisp)4 kg
Pilsner (Rahr)4 kg
Traditional Pilsner (INNOMALT)4 kg
Accidulated Malt (BESTMALZ)800 g
Carafa II dehusked (Weyerman)800 g
Honey Malt (Gambrinus)800 g
M2 (Innomalt)800 g
Medium Crystal (Simpsons)800 g
Melanoidin (Weyerman)1.5 kg
Red Wheat Malt (INNOMALT)1.5 kg
Special W (Weyerman)800 g
Vienna (BESTMALZ)800 g
Cascade100 g
centennial100 g
Chinook100 g
crystal100 g
Ella4 oz
FR P10/9 experimental (5.8%)650 g
Loral4 oz
Mandarina Bavaria4 oz
Mosaic4 oz
Nugget100 g
Premiant (7.6%)650 g
Sasquatch (6.6%)100 g
Safale US-051
Safbrew BE-256 Abbaye1
New England2
SafLager 34/701
Whirfloc Tablets10
Hibiscus650 g
Roasted Hemp Seeds200 g