Mailing List

How do I join the mailing list?

Follow this link to sign up.

Once you are signed up, please introduce yourself to the list by telling everyone a bit about yourself and your background in brewing.


What’s the deal with the mailing list?

The MontreAlers is a group of real people who share a passion. The mailing list is a public forum where the members of the group generally hang-out to discuss beer and brewing and also to plan things like meeting up at brew-pubs. If you want to get involved and meet the members, the mailing list is a great place to start.


I’m getting too many messages but digest mode is too hard to follow. How do I make the mailing list more manageable?

Set the list to send you individual messages (not digest mode). In your e-mail client, create a filter for messages sent to “”. Instruct the filter to remove these messages from your inbox and put them in a separate folder. Your client should thread the messages by subject line plus you won’t receive a notice every time someone sends a message to the list.