How are the MontreAlers organized?

Since the beginning, the Alers have been a loose affiliation of people who shared a passion for the hobby. As the group grew too large to handle on an informal basis it was decided to organize as a non-profit organization. In early May 2011, the club held its first Annual General Meeting where officers were elected and the club’s constitution and by-laws were adopted.


How large is the organization?

There are currently over 260 card-carrying members.


What are the long-term goals of the club?

The club aims to build the hobby in various ways. This includes making it easier for new brewers to get into the hobby. Sharing ideas and knowledge about techniques, recipes, brewery rig design. Holding competitions, both a large annual open competition and more frequent club-only competitions. Ideally we would love to make a more diverse range of beer more accessible to the public by helping to lobby the government to change certain laws regarding the importation and sale of beer in the province.